Devoted to Your ROI

Decoder's mission is to set a new standard for impact in digital marketing. Our values, processes, and people are aligned to deliver on that promise.

We Believe in Results

Our success is determined by how much we increase your bottom line. The only way to do that is with strategy specifically designed for your business and implemented by our team of digital marketing experts.


Real Results

We’ve built our business on delivering meaningful, sustainable, and predictable growth. Every process we develop, person we hire, and client we work with is chosen and cultivated on that basis.


Tailored to Your Business

One size fits no one when it comes to marketing. Our services surface your unique advantages and align them with what customers really care about to make sure you stand out.


Trusted Expertise

Get a complete team of senior-level specialists working as an extension of your team to proactively strategize, execute, and measure digital campaigns.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of all senior-level specialists who together are more than the sum of their parts — bringing together research, strategy, creativity, and technical expertise to execute the right projects in the right way.

Ben Wills

Chief Executive Officer

Ben’s mission is to bring together the expert-level analytical and creative talent to deliver real results for clients — from Silicon Valley start-ups to non-profits to multi-billion dollar corporations. Ben evangelizes conversion optimization, a process for continually improving creative using data.

Tessa Goldston

Chief Creative Officer

Tessa brings 9 years of creative strategy and copywriting experience from working with entertainment clients like MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate to Aon, Kroger, Redfin, Jockey and more. She rounds out the team with a passion for all things creative and a love for the written word.

Jamie Taffel

Project Manager & SEO Lead

Jamie has a decade of experience with SEO/SEM, web development, A/B testing, and more. He worked with media companies like Bonnier Corporation and Highwinds before joining Decoder to spearhead search engine marketing campaigns.

Gabe Gandzjuk

Graphic Design Lead

Gabe has 15 years of experience in both interactive and print design working with diverse brands such as Gap Inc, Gulfstream, OHSU, Pebble Beach Co, Snowbird, and Wacom. What inspires him most is a constant desire to grow and learn through creative expression.

Jesse Hiestand

Back-End Development Lead

Jesse has nearly two decades of experience working closely with clients to develop web and mobile solutions that achieve their goals. She’s experienced at juggling priorities across startup, corporate, government & educational environments.

Kiva Bostrom

Front-End Development Lead

Kiva has over 13 years experience in web development, server management, custom web application design, and e-commerce. A former ColdFusion developer turned PHP coder, Kiva previously worked for Sonetics, Material Flow, and several marketing agencies.

Loren Guerriero

User Experience Lead

Loren cut his teeth designing UX solutions for nonprofits. He has designed for a wide range of user experiences, from social networking platforms, to small business websites, to e-commerce stores. Loren meets users in person, and lets their goals drive the design.

Kelly Norman

Project Manager

Kelly joined Decoder to get things done. She’s been an operations manager, adjunct professor, business development manager, and an admissions counselor. She mostly excels at being sort of a Border Collie when it comes to organization, and has a color-coded calendar nearby at all times

Nate Gancher

PPC Manager

Nate is a digital advertising expert who has profitably managed 8-figures in paid search, social, and display advertising. He has extensive experience in both B2B and B2C, using channels such as AdWords, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Our Values

We live by our values. Every decision — from who we hire to which projects we take on and how we run them — is made against our six core values. Whether you’re considering working with us or for us, values alignment is paramount.


Making an impact the reason we exist. Our first goal with every engagement is to find the shortest path to growth today and dial in our efforts over time to make every engagement more and more profitable tomorrow.


We believe in honesty and transparency in all aspects of our business—from the way we work and communicate with clients to the way we deal with employees. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s a better a way to do business.

Wow Experience

We strive to exceed client expectations every time and take a critical, thoughtful approach to our work. We’re our own worst critics, but it helps us elevate and improve our work with every draft and iteration.


It’s our innate curiosity that drives us to really think through a client’s goals, put ourselves in the shoes of their customer, and truly consider what matters to them. That same drive propels us to continually be testing out new strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and novel approaches to old problems.


We’re all about delivering the best work possible for our clients. We embrace criticism, never let ego get in the way, and communicate positively with everyone — even in high-stress situations.


There’s nothing more satisfying or rewarding than helping our clients achieve great results. We firmly believe that when they win, we do too. We strive to help our employees win too—we love what we do, create work we’re proud of, and embrace work-life balance.