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Guide: How to Transition to GA4

If you’re feeling intimidated by and willfully avoiding the transition to GA4, you’re not alone! This is arguably the biggest shift in Google’s marketing suite in recent years. GA4 takes a fundamentally different approach to measurement and reporting than Universal Analytics — rather than a page- and session-based view of activity, it takes an event-based … Continued

Decoder Named as a Leading Advertising & Marketing Firm in Portland!

We are honored to announce that we have been selected as a 2019 Leading Advertising & Marketing firm in Portland by Clutch! Clutch goes above and beyond typical review sites by actually interviewing clients in depth to provide verified, detailed case studies.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is perhaps the most misunderstood and misused tool in a marketers' toolset. Discover why it's valuable, how it works, and what to expect.

Redesigning Your Site? Make Sure You Test It!

Big changes tend to have big impacts — and not always for the better. That's why we insisted on A/B testing a recent website redesign. The result? 98% growth in leads.

One Simple Trick to Filter Out Google Analytics Referral Spam

Discover a quick-and-dirty fix to referral spam using a single filter in Google Analytics.

The "Big Three" Conversion Factors: Usability, Value & Trust

Do you want your site to (a) look pretty or (b) turn clicks into customers? Discover the three factors that influence how your site performs.

You Are Not Your Market: How to Outsmart Bias with Data

Instincts are valuable, but even being right most of the time can mean taking two steps forward and one step back. Learn why "in data we trust" is marketer's Hippocratic oath.

How This Not-So-Secret Conversion Formula is Making Mobile Game Makers Billions

Discover how two mobile game makers cracked the conversion code on "freemium" games ...and made my wallet lighter in the process.

How to Measure SEO Without Keyword Data: 5 Workarounds for "(Not Provided)"

The move to encrypt organic keyword data is a challenge, but SEO is far from dead. Here are 5 ways to measure its impact.