Sometimes the Grass Really Is Greener! Check Out Our Open Positions Below.

Welcome to the island of misfit toys that is Decoder! We’ve got it all – dad bods, Burners, sketch comics, ex-Mormons, karaoke sirens, and toothless skaters. Normals need not apply.

Our motto is simple: do great work, have fun, and get real paid! Work life balance is non-negotiable. So is honesty, integrity, and making a measurable impact on our clients businesses. In our experience, those are mutually inclusive values.

At the end of the day, it’s all about fulfillment — the rewards of a job well done, money in the bank, and lots of time off to enjoy it. Sound good? Take a look at some of the positions we’re actively hiring for below. Doesn’t sound like you? That’s okay! We’d still love to hear from you if you think you can help out.