Seeking a Conversion Copywriter

We’re looking for a freelance conversion copywriter to help write attention grabbing, persuasive, high converting copy for websites. A key differentiator is that you don’t just write; you write with purpose. You spend time understanding the target audience, coming up with a messaging strategy, and crafting every word in alignment with the customers’ decision-making process.

Upcoming projects where you would play a pivotal role include a from-scratch web design project, a site redesign, and ongoing conversion optimization engagements where we A/B test everything from new pages and page templates to individual elements and sections on single pages.


  • “Voice of customer” interviews using our proprietary process (or an amalgam of ours and yours)
  • Competitive and industry-specific research to gain passable subject matter expertise
  • Developing a messaging strategy, including an overarching value proposition, supporting value claims, and proof points
  • Outlining content on web pages aligned with customers’ decision-making processes
  • Thoughtfully drafting copy in collaboration with our team and clients
  • Explaining your thought process, collecting feedback, and incorporating it or gently pushing back when you have a rationale for doing so
  • Considering SEO best practices to optimize content for search engines (we’ll provide documentation and training)


  • Proven track record of crafting copy that drives engagement and conversions
  • Understanding of user experience, usability, conversion, and digital marketing principles
  • Excellent team and client communication skills 
  • Experience interviewing customers and subject matter experts
  • Attention to detail

Why Work With Us?

First and foremost, we’re easy to work with and very flexible. Give us realistic deadlines for the projects you’re on and we’re often able to adapt our project schedules accordingly. Our expectation is that you will do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, but beyond that basic accountability, you’ll have full autonomy to work when you want to work and take on only the projects (or parts of projects) that you want to.

We keep both internal and client meetings to a minimum to keep everyone focused on doing the work that matters, though the occasional briefing, brainstorm, collaborative working session, etc. are helpful and we’re always available to meet when you need guidance, feedback, or more information.

We’re also selective about the clients we take on and make sure we have values alignment and a clear path to ROI. That keeps everyone happier in the long run. In the very (and increasingly) rare occasions when we’ve had a less than ideal client slip through the cracks, we’ve fired them. We’re willing to take a hit when it comes to keeping our team happy.

Our contractors report (and yes, we’ve benchmarked it) enjoying their work, feeling appreciated and well compensated, and typically stay with us for 2 – 4 years. We haven’t had a firing or resignation in years and the primary reason contractors leave is to take full time jobs when that has become necessary and we’ve been unable to hire on a full-time basis. (which we fully support and will happily be references for).

Finally, you will learn a uniquely customer-driven approach that’s validated by data and you’ll actually get to see the concrete impact of your work in quantifiable, brag-worthy reports that are shared with the entire team. We love sharing knowledge and helping everyone on our team in their professional and personal development.

About Us

Decoder is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in customer-centric campaigns for our clients. Everything we do is about making a measurable impact on our clients’ businesses and our track record is second to none (check out some of the case studies on our site). Our culture is open, collaborative, flexible, and healthy work-life balance is non-negotiable. We want everyone we work with to feel appreciated, supported, inspired, and finish every week feeling ready to do it all over again on Monday.

What’s Next?

If you’re seeing this, it’s likely because we’ve personally contacted you, in which case, just follow up via email or LinkedIn and we’ll set up a time to chat. If you’ve otherwise been forwarded this, please contact us through our contact page and include a little about yourself, why you’re interested in this role, and 2 – 3 examples of projects you’ve been involved in that have generated measurable results.