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The Short Version

Decoder, a rapidly growing Portland digital agency seeks a graphic designer who knows how to make a powerful visual impact. Clean, modern aesthetics and experience in digital are musts, as is a strategic approach to user experience.

The Long Version

Primarily, we’re looking for help with web design projects, from full rebrands to rapid iterations on existing websites. Flexibility is important: we try to scope and schedule projects out well in advance, but there are occasionally tight timelines that require quick turnarounds.
Culturally, we try to create a healthy, relaxed environment and draw a strict line between work and life. Late nights are exceedingly rare and a last resort — unless that’s your style, in which case, night owl it up!

What we’re looking for:

What to expect

You can work out of our beautiful office in inner SE Portland if you please. It’s a huge open loft space with tons of light and super friendly folks. No cubicles here!

Working remotely is perfectly fine too, as long as we can have the occasional meeting and brainstorm session and keep in regular contact. Hours are flexible; ours are 9:30 — 6, so as long as we have some overlap, we’re all good.

About us

Decoder is a small boutique agency with a solid team of marketing pros. We’ve experienced rapid growth over the last few years and it shows no signs of stopping! For that reason, there’s the potential for unlimited growth for the right team member. We’re not looking to hire full-time just yet, but there’s a good chance that will be on the table down the line.

Our mission is to good work with people we like, while keeping things fun and engaging. We’re committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients, who are all pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. Good work is the hallmark of our business–the better work we do, the more clients we get, and the more challenges we get to tackle.

What to do next

Please send a link to your portfolio (or a zip file, or one of those really cool giant portfolio briefcases) to [email protected], along with your resume, a brief description of what’s appealing about this job, and why you’d be a good fit OR fill out the form below!

Hope to hear from you!

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